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Endless Circle

Fluorescent Amethyst Sage Agate 44mm Sphere Unique Gift or Healing Stone 5225

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Featured here is a beautiful 1-3/4" fluorescent Amethyst Sage Agate sphere for collection, or home decor.  This material is from Oregon.  The lot weighs about 4 ounces.  This sphere fluoresces beautiful green under (SW and LW).  The first two photos are LW {the opposite of how we usually set up the photos}, the next two are SW, and the last eight are daylight.

We have a large selection of fluorescent minerals, for fluorescent hobbyists, and fluorescent mineral spheres as well. When you purchase an Endless Circle sphere it is a one of a kind art work that will fill your home with the beauty and sentiment that an original artwork brings. It is crafted by two loving Artisans, not mass produced in a huge shop. Fluorescent mineral collecting is a hobby that requires specific equipment to view the fluorescence. A black light doesn't work for this purpose.

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