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Endless Circle

Fluorescent Dendritic Amethyst Sage Agate 44mm Sphere Home Decor or Gift 5236

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Featured here is a beautiful 1-3/4" fluorescent dendritic Amethyst Sage Agate sphere for collection, or home decor.  This material is from Oregon.  The lot weighs about 4 ounces.  This sphere fluoresces beautiful green under (SW and LW). The first seven photos are daylight, the next one is LW and the last one is SW.

We have a large selection of fluorescent minerals, for fluorescent hobbyists, and fluorescent mineral spheres as well. When you purchase an Endless Circle sphere it is a one of a kind art work that will fill your home with the beauty and sentiment that an original artwork brings. It is crafted by two loving Artisans, not mass produced in a huge shop. Fluorescent mineral collecting is a hobby that requires specific equipment to view the fluorescence. A black light doesn't work for this purpose.
We use a 36 watt fluorescent lamp specifically designed for viewing displayed fluorescent minerals, it has SW and LW modes. Our minerals are photographed dry, and no type of photo enhancement is employed, as it appears under our lamp is how it photoed and is presented on our listings. We display shortwave photos first, then long wave photos. If the mineral does not fluoresce under one those waves, it will be noted in the listing. These items will not fluoresce as shown with a poster lamp. They will fluoresce as shown if you are using a fluorescent mineral lamp, designed for that purpose.

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