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Endless Circle

Lot of Minerals to Correspond with some Major Aracana of the Tarot

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Featured here are the beautiful materials shown in this one of our YouTube videos {below}.  Four of the items are here and the the other four items are listed separately.

1) Petrified Wood-3 pounds-measures up to 3" width by up to 6" length by up to 2' thick.   YT1

2) Tiger's Eye-9 ounces-measures up to 1-1/2" width by up to 4" length by up to 1-3/8" thick. YT2

3) Three Tibetan Herkimer Diamonds Crystals largest measures up to 1-1/2" length by up to 3/4" diameter. YT3

4) Cave Creek Jasper- 3 pounds and 4 ounces measures up to 3-1/2" by up to 6" length by up to 3-1/4" thick. YT4

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