About us

Welcome to Endless Circle Spheres. We are Joseph & Bernadette McAnney.  From our shop in lovely Arizona, we offer Hand Cut Stone Spheres, Stone Sculptures, Oil Candles, Home and Office Decor creations and truly unique gift items. We have ready to display Mineral Specimens and Fossils from AZ and the world over. Many of our specimens are sought after fluorescent minerals from well-known locations such as mines here in AZ, Franklin, NJ, Langban, Sweden and other famous localities. On our pages, you will discover lovely handmade fluorescent mineral spheres that we manufacture ourselves and offer to you at the best prices available since there are no middle men. If you have any questions or interests in Fluorescents, Rocks, Gems, and Minerals that we can help with, please send us an email. If we can help your adventure into the great hobby of exploring Earths treasures let us know.

Endless Circle is a small lapidary manufacturing company in AZ specializing in hand cut stone spheres and lapidary creations of various semi-precious gemstones and minerals, including fluorescent rocks from all over the world. We collect and sell interesting minerals and other decor and art pieces as well. It is owned and operated by Joseph and Bernadette McAnney.
Joe became interested in the hobby of mineral collecting and the lapidary arts at an early age and his parents encouraged his interests by traveling all over the country to various mineral shows and rock hunting locations for family vacations. As Joe got older he began creating lapidary items and the machines needed to create them as well. When we met we decided to try lapidary creations, rocks, gems, fossils and minerals as a business! Spheres and sphere candles became the bedrock of our business and every year we try to add new creations and new finds to our lists. All the sphere polishing machines that we use were made by Joe, and every step in our sphere making processes are handled individually by us at every stage.
Few people are lucky enough to make a living at what they love to do, and we are grateful to be among them. We try to concentrate on our mission statement, which is and always has been, to bring these lovely, and often spiritually inspirational stone items into as many lives as we can. When your hobby, your life, and your work intercept in a creative way, life becomes very rewarding and it is natural to want to pass on rewarding moments. We therefore try to keep our original art works and all of our other items as reasonably priced as possible, to share with a greater number. We know that you can give an Endlesscircle sphere, or any selection of ours with confidence and pride. We stand behind every purchase, by offering quick, safe and efficient shipping of our quality products. We also believe that our customers should be 100 percent satisfied with their purchases, we will work to make every sale work for you and us.

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