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Endless Circle

Amethyst Sage Agate Large 95mm Sphere for Home Decor or Unique Gift 5217

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Featured here is a large, beautiful 3-3/4" Amethyst Sage Agate with vugs sphere for collection, or home decor.  This material is from Oregon.  The lot weighs about 2 pounds and 11 ounces.  This sphere also fluoresces beautiful pale yellow under (LW and SW) we have added two LW fluorescent photos and one SW photo at the end.  This sphere is an amazing home decor item that goes with virtually all styles of furniture.  Table top original art that makes a prized gift or keepsake for any occasion.

This sphere is a hand crafted original art work by Endlesscircle of AZ.  We constructed our own polishing machines and stone cutting equipment and we have been crafting stone spheres for over thirty years.  Endlesscircle has worked with virtually all stones and minerals and we also custom cut for other individuals and dealers. 

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