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Endless Circle

Hematite and Amethyst 29mm Sphere Home Decor Unique Gift or Metaphysical 5228

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Featured here is a beautiful 1-1/8" Hematite and Amethyst sphere for collection, or home decor.  This material is from AZ.  The lot weighs about 1 ounce.  This sphere is ready for your awesome collection as it is.  Amethyst and Hematite are highly prized metaphysical stones as well.  There is no better gift than a lovely art work that will never be exactly duplicated and will last a virtual lifetime.

This sphere is a hand crafted original art work by Endlesscircle of AZ.  We constructed our own polishing machines and stone cutting equipment and we have been crafting stone spheres for over thirty years.  Endlesscircle has worked with virtually all stones and minerals and we also custom cut for other individuals and dealers.  

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